How many of you have received a quick email from the owner of a blog, almost instantaneously after you have posted a comment on their blog the first time? Show of hands? Seems like almost all of you have at some point – at least those of you who are blog dwellers have. I always thought it was a great concept but also figured it was a bit too spammy and I figured that some bloggers would take complete advantage of that first email and they did and it definitely worked but I think that lately the practice of using it has slowed down.

Today, I decided to download the same plug-in and give it a whirl. The plug-in is called Thank Me Later. What the plug-in allows you to do is basically contact a first time commenter on your blog and pass on your appreciation to them for doing so. What the plug-in also allows you to do is to write a personalized message, so generally bloggers include their RSS feed link, a link to their 5 most popular posts or even a link to their book.

For example, if you are a first time commenter on my blog, you’ll receive a link to my RSS feed which helps build your reader base but also you will receive a link to my ebook. Its just a way of furthering your traffic and helping build rapport with new commentators on your blog as well. My main idea is to also network with people who comment on my blog. I’m building my RSS base again so I would really like to see whats going on in my blogosphere.

Also, since its the summer, I figure that I will have a bit more time to put together a second book and hopefully pass that onto my new and existing readers as well and possibly a contest along with that too. Not sure how many contests take place any more but maybe you can give me your feedback on that too. Take a look at the sample email that I generated from the plug-in.

The plug-in is just a really good tool to reach out and have first time visitors remember you. Its interesting because I get a lot of traffic from Google so lets say someone visits my blog, likes a post and comments and then closes the window without book marking it or paying attention to the domain. Now, the plug-in will help email them a link to my feed, my blog and my book. Its seriously a great add-on if you use it properly and don’t spam your readers. Let me know your thoughts on the plug-in. Is it too bothersome or is it a good idea as long as the blogger doesn’t take advantage of the plug-in?