So, after posting the Video Ipod Clone review the last time, I received quite a lot of feedback which mainly consisted of questions regarding the player. Ive decided to do a Part 2 to the review to add some more pictures, and this time a video of the player that i took myself. Ive broken down the review in terms of the questions that were brought up.

For reference the first Review is located here:

How fast is the player?
Actually, the player is quite fast based on the features it has, however, when compared to the real ipod, it does fall a bit short. It may seem slow at times but there isnt a big enough delay for me to criticize its processing abilities. Overall, the speed of the player is quite nice.

Video Ipod Package      Video Ipod Package 3

How is the player packaged?
Well, i didnt have pictures of the original packaging but, I have included a picture of the box and the inner compartment. It comes very well packaged. Some might say the box resembles the Original Video Ipod box and it sort of does. Inside you will find the Player itself, a manual, an installation cd, a usb connector cable, a pair of headphones and an a/v cable.

Video Ipod Flash      Video Ipod Flash 2      Video Ipod Flash 3

How is the Flash on the camera? How does the flash work?
The flash on the camera is actually quite bright. It is pretty good when light is dim and when the object is closer to the camera itself. Overall its a good feature in the small player. The flash on the camera has settings where you can have it turned on only on camera mode or when you actually need it. So there should also be no concern of the flash going off randomly on the player.

Video Ipod Picture 1      Video Ipod Picture 2      Video Ipod Picture 3

How is the camera picture quality?
The picture quality is comparable to that of a decent camera phone. Although its not spectacular as you can see from the samples above, it still is quite impressive. Its a great feature because when my phone isnt around, the video ipod is what i use as a camera. It takes good pictures and is a good replacement for your camera phone camera.

How good is the screen in sunlight?
Actually the screen is quite nice. Its very crisp and clear and doesnt fade to a white under sunlight. Like most laptops however, a slight reflection of yourself might be seen on the darker spots (blacks and dark blues). But the reflection is minimal and is quite common in other devices too. Its a great screen though and doesnt completely blank out in the sun.

How well can you read subtitles during video playback?
Any type of text on the player is easily readable. I was watching a movie and when the credits rolled, I was able to read it properly. Although, i have only seen one video with subtitles on the player, I would be positive in saying that it will also show up very clearly and would be easy to read.

How loud is the external speaker? Does it distort at high volumes?
This was a little difficult for me to answer because I would have to do a video to show you this and thats exactly what I did. I uploaded the following video on youtube where i take the volume from low to high and then back to low again. Please note, the volume in the video may be slightly lower than the actual volume due to video editing settings however, the volume doesnt distort very much at all at high levels and is quite good for a small speaker