I decided to talk about the lighting in video posts since that is what most people get wrong and so I decided to do a small post with a few examples. I was going to post this earlier but I had some computer issues because of adding a new video card and some RAM. Anyway, getting back to the subject, lets take a look at a room in which there was no lighting at all or very low lighting. Here is what that looks like:

Now lets take a look at a room in which the light source was behind the person. This usually makes it very difficult to see the person as when the light source (such as the sun or a lamp, etc) is behind you it makes whatever is being recorded on the camera very hard to see. So here is an example of that:

Now lets take a look at my first video post as a good example of using the light source properly. This is an actual screen shot from the video so here it is:

I put together a small image to help show you what the best way to set up your video camera is. You should always be facing the light source with the camera in the middle of you and the light source. Never have your back facing the light source as it will interfere with the quality of video.

So hopefully looking at these examples will help you when and if you decide to do a video post. Thats all for this mini post. Thanks for stopping by and check back again soon for another great post! :)