I hope that Mr. Shay Carl reads this post just because I’m taking the time to dedicate this post to his vlogging genius. “Hey, I’m Vlogging Here” has become his famous catch-phrase and at this point if you are still scratching your head and you don’t know who The Shaytards are, then you’ve sort of been under a rock this whole time. They are a family of 6 including Shay Carl, Mommytard, Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard and Rocktard.

It seems as though ShayCarl posts a video on a daily basis and this includes the almost 40 minute long Christmas episode. I say episode like its a TV show but it almost is and a good one at that too. They have over 700,000 subscribers and over 250 million total upload views and close to 200,000 Twitter subscribers. Sounds ridiculous but with over 700 videos, and a hilarious family, its only well deserved.

The Shaytards are also likeable mostly because they know how successful they are and they appreciate their viewers. Shay Carl takes a moment every now and then to remind everyone how he got to this point and how thankful he is. For the people that dislike The Shaytards, its merely jealously for their success but seriously, why wouldn’t you be? Oh and plus, its online hatred which doesn’t really mean much when you’re a success.

The biggest thing about their videos is Shay is very dedicated to using his flip on a constant basis and then editing it to the best bits. Most of the videos I have seen have been over 10 minutes and it becomes a small reality TV show if you watch the episodes back to back.

Shay Carl has definitely done his part in becoming a Youtube success and his work at the Station and for Pepsi and such have been excellent too. I think you should check him out and maybe Shay might swing by and check out this post!

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