Lately the whole idea of VoIP has been catching on and when I received the review opportunity from VocalCity, I decided to give it a shot. Basically, VocalCity is a business voip service that is not only full featured but also offers great prices, meaning its not only got everything you need but its priced well as well as the fact that it requires no maintenance. Its a PBX business VoIP phone solution that takes only a few minutes to set up.

VocalCity keeps focusing on the business aspect and thats because most businesses frequently make phone calls that are not local – they may be statewide, nationwide and even global and VocalCity’s business VoIP service allows you to do all that and much more. All this with a low start-up cost and lower phone bills every month so that you won’t be scared to see your monthly invoice online.

I looked over the website and its very well designed, its got a really clean layout and the initial intro video footage is very amusing so even if you aren’t looking for a VoIP service you should atleast check out the website. They do have a 1-877 number that you can call as well which I do like.

The best thing I like is that they have Cisco phone equipment which as many of you will easily agree, is the best system out there. They don’t have you get any other additional equipment and the sign up process is fast and theres no contract. The savings also range from 50% to 85% which I thought was quite phenomenal. So why not give them a shot? Visit VocalCity!