So many of you know that I won the Zune from Ms. Danielle a few months ago and currently the old version of the Zune is going for as low as $100 everywhere during this Thanksgiving shopping season. This post is to try and convince those of you, who do not understand how great of a deal this really is. Recently, Microsoft released the Zune 2.2 Update and here is the screenshot of when I upgraded the firmware.


I did a review of the Zune when I first received it which you can see here. The Zune is a really great device and with the new update, it adds a few more features to its list. They’ve added wireless sync of your content, faster browsing and overall a much better firmware. Most people do prefer the iPods but if you really are looking for a low cost player then you shouldn’t overlook the Zune. There is even a video of some of the new features and you guys can check it out below:

So if some of you are looking for a great audio and video player, then for $100 the Zune is a steal! The firmware upgrade is free and for the current price, the Zune is really worth the money. Considering that most 30GB players are not even close to $100. Well, hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping Spree! Have a good one!