I usually wouldn’t accept this ReviewMe offer but the fact that this tool is said to help with motivation and boosting energy, I figured that it could help me get more motivated to getting things accomplished on my blog. I know some of you feel the need to be more motivated about your blog so maybe this tool can help. The concept that the World’s richest 1% gets more work done by working less and less hard seems a little unreasonable. It was so unreasonable that I was tempted to accept their ReviewMe offer to find out what “simple.ology” is all about. The guys at Simple.ology have a Web 2.0 application called WebCockpit 1.0 . This application helps readers apply the concepts in Wall street Journal’s best selling book and those in Simpleology 101 online courses, in an internet based automated setting. Best part about the whole deal is that the tool is free but how well does it really work? There are three free software tools that you can install. They are the Wimiki, Desktop Cockpit and Browser Bodyguard. These tools pretty much help boost your energy and your work effectiveness and lets you be in charge.

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I was a little confused as to how many people actually buy the idea of a software that helps you get motivated. I sometimes feel I need an extra boost of motivation to do a certain task but I wouldn’t trust a piece of software to help me in attaining the extra motivation that is needed. The positive is that they have taken the concepts of “simpleology” and integrated it in a very nicely designed online setup however, that isn’t enough to convince me that this actually works. Obviously, motivation change doesn’t take place over night and there are quite a few testimonials on their website that shows you how others have succeeded using this method so it could work. I have only had 3 days to browse around the system and liked the way the course was set up. Some of the tips provided were easy to understand and somewhat helpful. Lets take a look at the pros and cons.

+ Well Designed System. The information was presented in a clear manner and was easily accessible.
+ Good Integration of Simpleology Concepts. There were enough tutorials to go through to understand these concepts too.
+ Video design was well done. The audio quality of the videos was good and made it easier to go through the content rather than reading it.

– The initial website page makes the Website lack credibility due to the fact that it is designed like some of those websites that promise “4 minute abs” or “lose 10lbs in 3 days”.
– People may have a hard time trusting that a software can help boost their energy and motivate them. This can be taken care of by better designing the initial website page.

All in all, it seems like a decent website. My main concern with it is that motivation is brought about through the people around you and people you come in contact with, not necessarily a computer software. This concern could only be something that I have but some of the users of this program may be accustomed to the software and it may work for them. So, check out the website and tell me what you think.