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The best part about going to WHG is that you can look up webhosts by several different categories and each webhost has a rating based on features, services, etc. Its actually a pretty cool way to shop for web hosting. I think that when youre shopping for webhosting you want to stay away from bad hosts or hosts that have service that is not as reliable and one way to do that is by reading reviews that are easily provided to you by WHG.

We all know what its like to be stuck with a bad host so with WHG, there is no more guess work. You can browse their website, read the review and even pick a host. You can read reviews from current customers and that can help you ease your stress or help you realize some of the potential issues or problems you may face when you pick a certain host. This may be important because you can find out about overall reliability, bad management issues, their back-end control panel, user friendliness, customer services, pricing for future services, etc.

I think its a great website and I actually used WHG to purchase my hosting package a few years ago. WHG is completely free to use and they actually have several different categories that you can search from such as budget, business, hosting services that provide you with multiple domains or free domains. They have RealMetrics reviews as well as customer reviews so you get an outlook that is very varied in nature which I think is pretty cool and since I have used WHG myself I feel that the least I can do is recommend them!