Good morning guys, Well its November 4th and that means that I am officially 20 years old! It seems that time flies by really quick and quite honestly I am a little disappointed to hit 20 mainly because I’m not a teenager anymore! The only way I can console myself is to say that atleast its not 40 or something like that. Well, getting back to the topic. As you know time is of the essence and lately I haven’t had much time to blog but hopefully I will be able to make up for it soon. Lets talk about some blogging news.

PR Update
Obviously, as many of you know the PR updates have finally come around and even though some of us aren’t happy there isn’t much we can do about it. Its a little surprising that with all the stats this blog has pulled in 5 months, that it wasn’t given at least a PR 3. Its a little disappointing but I’ll take whatever I can get!

BloggingFingers Sold
BloggingFingers is a popular blog that recently fetched $6000 and its stats aren’t too far away from mine. They have a PR3, 200 RSS Subscribers, 16k Technorati and 50K Alexa. In Comparison, My blog is currently a PR2, 70 RSS Subscribers, 17k Technorati and 82k Alexa. Its food for thought and I think the selling price for that blog was quite good specially for being only 4 months old!

Nick Discusses McDonald’s Monopoly
No, this isn’t a discussion about how McDonald’s has created a monopoly in the fast food business but this discusses how McDonalds lures in fast food junkies with the idea that they can enter codes on an online website that they find on specially marked McDonalds containers such as a French fries box, a drink, etc. Its an interesting post and you should check it out.

King Kong’s Mug Contest
TheKingKongBlog is running a Mug Contest along with their Video Player Giveaway and I figured that I had a great monkey video around that everyone would enjoy, so hopefully you guys will LOVE this. Enjoy!