Its time for a weekly link round up. This time, I read the links over the weekend and some of them on Monday and have decided to put them together for the weekly link round up. I hope you enjoy them!

1. TheNetFool – Jim really struck a chord with me about the gas prices. If you don’t really understand why gas prices are so high or the reasons behind it then this a post i’d recommend you to read. Check it out.

2. MelvinBlog – This really struck a chord with me too mainly because I have gotten busy with school and Melvin talked about how kids who have blogs are busy right now. I have class daily for several hours at a stretch and I know many of you do too so its definitely a big change for me. I just found that I could connect to this post.

3. Balkhis – Syed mentioned 5 Must Have Features In A Sidebar and I completely agree with him on all the points. If you have a blog and you are in the process of wanting to change it up from the default theme then this post will guide you. Even if you currently have a new theme, does your blog have these 5 features?

4. DesmondBlog – Desmond talked about whether jumping on paid reviews to make money and this is a good post. How many of you do paid posting? I’m sure its a lot of you. Well, do you think writing paid posts can kill page ranks? It certainly does and Desmond talks about it, so check it out.

5. Tina McAllister – Tina wonders whether you’ve bartered your services before? Meaning, have you traded services with anyone else? I know I have before and I’m currently doing it on Craigslist. I think its an interesting post and it just makes me wonder how many of you have even used Craigslist before?

So, I hope you enjoy these great links and I’d like to hear from you. If you’re a silent stalker then give me a buzz and help me notice your blog! :)