Travel for most people is leisure related but for someone like me, travel is part of my job. Sure, it doesn’t sound that bad and sometimes its really not but, its definitely an experience. Airports, planes and rental cars are just part of the experience of being on the road and although, I don’t travel internationally too often for work, weekly flights can be over bearing.

Enkay Blog will be revived with a new series – I have a lot of brand new articles lined up and many of them are related to the posts that started this blog – WordPress, Making Money Online and Car Reviews but it will be expanded to include my travel experiences.

A lot of the original bloggers in the space have done some amazing things and its great to see that level of success. A lot of work goes into maintaining a life by being an online super star but these are just a few of the bloggers that have succeeded at doing just that:

Ian Fernando

Syed Balkhi

John Chow

Shoe Money

I’m glad to be back and glad to have the blog back and will make sure to stick with it this year. Stay tuned for some great updates, a blog refresh and some new functionality. Welcome to 2015 and welcome to!