I visit different blogs time and time again and notice that they are all formatted in certain ways. I figured that there must be one way that is preferred over another but I never really figured out which was preferred by my readers and hopefully this post will help me find out. I mean usually I write posts in list format and I figured that since thats my style, that this post won’t be any different. So, lets take a look shall we?

1) List format – I usually write my posts in lists and I think it works just fine. I think its easier to skim through a post by looking at each portion of the list and getting the big picture. Sometimes I’m in a hurry and I know that many of you are too, so it helps me understand the entire post by quickly skimming the main points.

2) Paragraph format
– Paragraph form posts are good too and are used quite often. This is when the post is written as if it was a memo or a short paper with separate paragraphs. This is actually not bad however the paragraphs need to be organized so that its easy to understand and flow with the rest of the content. Thats the only real downside to using paragraph format. Plus, if youre writing longer posts then seeing large paragraphs can be a turn off for some readers.

3) Link bait format – Linkbait format posts are not that common but some posts are basically written in order to attract traffic. This isn’t necessary bad but these are the type of posts that say something like “21 ways to Make Money Online” or “9 Social Networking To-Dos”. These posts are always interesting to see because it makes you wonder what 21 methods of making money online were picked or which 9 things can be beneficial for social networking.

4) Interesting Rambling Format – Now, this method isn’t necessarily bad. The key word here is INTERESTING. There are some people that have become really popular because of this blogging format. This is where a general theme or idea is conveyed with the help of interesting stories, examples and in basic dialogue. I attempt this format sometimes but its harder to do unless youre a natural conversationalist.

So, do you think there is another format that I’ve forgotten. If so, do let me know. Do you know where you stand and what is the format that you prefer? I’d like to know! Hope you guys have a great weekend and hopefully Turkey day was great for you guys.