As the logo suggests, , and you’re done! It really is that simple. While driving out in the darkness at 6am this morning, it struck me how much I despised the idea of shopping online – specially on I never thought that the benefit of shopping online would be better than going to the store. As in, the price different isn’t that high, I have no idea what the item will look like and I’ll have lousy customer support. The thing is, all that is not true. Here is a list of my orders in the past couple months – some orders for myself and some for others considering I have Prime Shipping.

1. September 4th – Back to the Future Trilogy – Blu-Ray (Pre-Order)
2. September 6th – 100% Pure Emu Oil
3. September 16th – 6ft HDMI Cable

4. October 20th – Citrus Juicer

5. November 24th – Magellan 7″ GPS 1700

6. December 5th – 16 Gillette Proglide Cartridges
7. December 12th – Rubberized Phone Case
8. December 16th – Archos 101 8GB Tablet
9. December 18th – 32″ Toshiba LCD HDTV
10. December 18th – 6foot HDMI Cable
11. December 18th – Laptop Messenger Bag
12. December 18th – Lasko 42″ Rotating Fan
13. December 29th – 100 2×2 Coin Case Holders

14. January 1 – 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo
15. January 9 – HDMI Cable 6 foot
16. January 16 – 32″ LCD TV Mount

Granted that not all of those items were purchased by me, for myself but I convinced people buying things at the store to buy it from Amazon! I convinced them to the point where I would login to my account and let them make the purchase. 16 items in 4 months of using Amazon with over $1000 in total sales. I bet Amazon is glad to have a spokesperson like me but honestly, there are things on that list that normally you’d buy from a retail store. I mean, Emu Oil, would probably be bought from Walgreens or CVS but why? Amazon has it, delivers in 2 days with Prime, there is no tax and its cheaper than the store! The HDMI cables were a whopping $2 compared to other retail stores out there and one of them even shipped UPS 2-Day.

The question is, what can’t you buy at Amazon? I mean, I’ve seen food items/groceries to medical items to couches, tv’s everything. Are you a big online shopper? What are your favorite online shopping websites? What do you think are some things Amazon does not sell just yet?