Everyone seems to have a different meaning of success but it seems that sometimes we are so involved in the present that we forget about the future. We forget the long term goals in order to try to resolve the short term goals. The point is that success is what you make of it. I hear this all the time, and I’m sure you do too, “Oh man, that guy is a successful blogger”. What does that even mean? To you, it could be that he makes close to a half a million a year. To someone else that could mean that he has 40,000 subscribers. To someone else, it could mean that he has great posts and an active commenting community.

What Does Success Mean?
Success is defined as “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted”. Success is actually truly determined by what you make of it. Its about a goal you set for yourself and how you go about to achieve it and when you do achieve it, that is what is referred to as success. What do you picture when you picture success? Do you think of a big house, nice cars or do you think of a life filled with peace and tranquility or do you think of a life where you are committed to helping others and finding happiness in their happiness? Its all about what you make of it.

Success And Your Blog
To help you make your blog successful, you have to realize that you should always do what you believe is best. You should remember a few things while you go about achieving your goals though. These are some tips to help you achieve your goals related to your blog:

1) Do not step on toes – Its kind of like that saying in business, its not good to burn bridges. What that means is that don’t look down upon bloggers that you think are not good or you dont like or those who are just new. You never know where they will end up and how far up the ladder they will go and when you might need their help. Be friendly and be accepting to everyone who is willing to do the same back.

2) Blogging is a community – Just as I mentioned above, blogging is a community. We are all part of this community in which we interact and communicate. Your readers are part of your community. Be sure not to annoy them or cause them to stop reading your blog. You have to find ways to keep them interested. Interacting and communicating with your readers and your fellow bloggers will help you get noticed faster and will help you in the long run.

3) Bring something new to the table – This is something that everyone talks about. Bringing something new to the table means that you have to stand out. You have to be unique in order to be noticed and in order for people to notice you. If you do what everyone else is doing without doing anything new then you’ll come and go without even being remembered. So make sure to find your niche, be yourself and wow your readers.

So thats all I have for today and I do hope to keep posting more normally. Things have been a little rough adjusting to a schedule that spans from noon to about midnight every day. I will definitely keep up with it though and I hope to see you guys around for the next post. Let me know what your thoughts are on this post and if you’d like to see the follow up that I have for this called Success In Your Life. Have a great Sunday!