Before making most of my blog related posts, I always think about whether or not something is “Blog-Worthy”. The basic idea of being blog worthy is whether or not something is deserving enough to be transformed into a post and if so, does it have any value to my readers. There are several things that decide whether or not a subject is blog worthy and aside from those subjects, there are also several ways to identify something as being worthy enough to blog about. So, lets start off by talking about what are some of the things that decide whether or not you should blog about something:

a) Make sure that you feel a connection to the subject at hand – if you don’t feel the connection, then your readers will be able to tell and you won’t be able to pass on your message effectively
b) Think about whether the audience can relate to it – if your audience is comprised of technology lovers and you blog about how you pick out the best salmon at the seafood counter, you really aren’t connecting to them or helping them with any good information and if they don’t feel that something relates to them, they can always find that information elsewhere.
c) Does this subject even interest me? – that question is very important to a blogger because if they aren’t even interested in something, then there is no way that they can incite interest within their readers

Now that we have talked about some categories to decide whether something is blog worthy or not, lets see what subject matters are blog worthy
a) News Items – most news items are well.. news!.. people like to know about what is going on and if you are able to report a news item as it occurs, then it will only benefit them and you that much more. Ex. bloggers covering BlogWorldExpo while they were on their trip
b) Personal Posts – if something relates to you personally or something with regards to your blog and you feel your audience should know about it, then you should blog about it. Ex. if your blog is undergoing some maintainence, etc.
c) Informational/Education – if you find an article or e-book that is education and something that you haven’t seen before, it is likely that most of your readers haven’t come across it either

Well, those were a few tips regarding blog worthiness. I do hope to resume regular posting pretty soon once exams finish, so expect that to take place within 10 days. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the cold weather! Thanks for reading!