I figured I’d do a series of posts called the “What Your Momma Didn’t Teach You” and its not meant to be offensive, its just a comical title that will help you get over a few of the speed bumps that you may encounter as a blogger. Today’s topic is called “Comment Etiquette”. Theres all different kinds of etiquette, such as how to eat when you have company around, how to speak with the opposite sex (advice that I can surely provide.. just kidding!) and things of that nature. I’m sure you get the idea. Well, I have over 2,500 approved comments and over 525,000 spam comments and I think I’ve read quite a few blogs to notice that there is a certain type of comment etiquette. There are certain do’s and don’ts and I’m here to tell you whats good and whats not.

1. Blog Link – Some bloggers find it an obligation to link back to their blog at the end of their comment and this is generally okay as long as you don’t put the title of your blog in all caps to get attention. Its not the best way to drive traffic and won’t make the owner of the blog too happy either.

Your blog link is already available as soon as the comment is published and writing it a second time is not necessarily required but generally considered okay as long as its not an eye sore. So, if you want to put a link to your blog in there, don’t use caps or underline it or bold it. Just leave it the way it is or don’t use a link in the first place.

2. Post Links – Sometimes I’ll get a comment where its like “Oh yeah, great post, I wrote something similar and mentioned a few more things, check it out!” and I’m sure you noticed whats wrong with that. They’ve linked to ablog post in the comment. Usually if you leave me or most other bloggers a comment like that, we will come around and check out your blog and even look for the post.

Just don’t make it a free ad for your post because it probably won’t help you get on the good side. Again, its okay if you link to your blog or someone else’s blog but just don’t over do it with 5 words hyperlinked. It could even be caught by Akismet as spam so you’re really not helping yourself.

3. Commenting For No Reason – Some bloggers have the misconception that as long as they post a comment that is controversial or will definitely offend someone, that they will get more traffic. They are right, they will get more traffic but how long do you think will that traffic stick around? Its really not a good idea to just comment because you want to be different from the group or you want to incite some kind of controversy or create an ordeal in order to try and gain a few readers. Its not worth your time and I don’t support that myself.

On a second note, if you are challenging the blogger on something they said, then you can be on the path to gaining a whole new audience, just ask SiteFlipU because he challenged TheNetFool and ended up gaining a great audience and thats besides from the fact that they both have credibility and great content.

So, hopefully you enjoyed my post as I’m trying to get back into my schedule. I have to apologize to you guys because I haven’t come around as yet and read or commented on your blogs as yet but I will do that as soon as possible. The Hurricane has just set me back but I’ll be getting back as soon as possible. Can you tell me a a few of your pet peeves with comments?