I know that I have left my eBook post up for the past 3 days but theres a reason for it. I really want people to download it and read it and tell me their thoughts. The book has been downloaded thousands of time and I want to thank everyone for reading it and emailing me and writing your comments. I really appreciate it. This post is a general catch up to let you know what I have been doing.

Okay, Now I Understand!
So this section is to make you say “Oh, Now I Understand” but maybe you can understand why I’ve been so busy over the past few weeks. I’ve been going to school and doing school work and writing the book whenever I had time. There a lot of things that go into an eBook and I’ll be doing a post about that soon but I just wanted you guys to know that I had a legitimate reason for being so busy.

What Can You Expect
Well, in the next week or so you can expect almost all my ad spots to have been sold. Aside from that, I will be reading and commenting on the blogs that have stopped by including quiet a few new ones thanks to me winning the publicity wheel for the week. I know I have been slacking off on commenting but I will be stopping by, I promise. I also have lots of great posts planned that can help you write your own ebook, without the stress and research I put into it.

Why Pick A Charity and Why That Charity?
I’ve got a few emails about this and a lot of people have been generally very accepting of the fact that I picked a charity to give the donations to. I honestly don’t mind you giving the money to a charity of your choice if you may as long as its legitimate and involves helping someone who really needs the help. I picked Save The Children because it really helps those who need it the most. If you saw the video, I mentioned that 850 million people go hungry every day. I guess its hard for us to imagine the adversities of life as we sit at home with the AC on and food to eat and that was why I picked that organization.

Did You Really Write It?
Okay, so there seems to be skepticism about whether I really wrote the book. I know that its 60 pages and that its time consuming but I really did write the content for the book and I’m sure you can tell from the writing style that it is surely me. Am I not good enough? Is that what it is? (I’m just kidding!! I’m taking a page from Joe’s style!)

What Have You Been Upto?
Well, let me know what you’ve been upto. I wanted this to be a somewhat casual post to catch up with my readers and let them know what I have been doing. How was your past week? Also, I apologize for not stopping by or commenting but I will be doing my rounds tomorrow for sure! Hope you had a great week!