Unexplained Drop In Authority
So, everyone knows what Technorati is, but lately I have noticed a change and a big one that is. My Technorati ranking went from 15,900 range all the way to 18,000 and my Authority had dropped 35 points almost from 280 to 245. I noticed the drop a few days ago but thought that Technorati was being weird again so I figured I would wait a few days. Last night, I saw that the authority rose to 250 but that was because I received a few blog reactions. What is weird is that the number of my blog reactions has gone up, meaning that none of them were deleted. I figured, the best way to check to see what was wrong was to check someone else’s ranking. I typed in “cashforcomments.com” and apparently Prija seems to have been dropped from Technorati completely.

What is weird is that other people are having the same problem and according to the resident admin at Technorati, he states that the reason the authority went down as because some of my links were older than 180 days. Well, thats how the policy works but wait a second, my blog is a little over 4 months old. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, and saying that each month has 31 days, 4 months would make that 124 days. Well, that still doesn’t explain why the authority dropped. Either way, I am still looking for a solution for this and emailing Technorati may just be the answer to the problem. What do you guys think? Have you seen this happen elsewhere?