Everyone’s first blog is like their first car. No matter how much you want to keep it, there comes a time when you have to decide to let go of it. The problem is that with your first car, the signs such as an overheating engine, mounting repair bills and leaking engine fluid are common signs, there arent any defined signs for your blog. Well I’m hoping that I can help clear that up. Here are a few reasons why you should or should consider selling your blog:

1. You’re Losing Interest – Its a good idea to not wait till you’ve complete lot interest. The reason is because at least the new owner will be able to pick up from where you left off rather than having to start from scratch. Plus, selling the blog while its still relatively active means that you’ll be able to sell it for a higher amount. It makes your work and the work of the seller much easier.

2. Long Term Hiatus – The reason I mention long term is because usually a week or two weeks or even a month can be tolerated by your readers and when you return, things will slowly lead back up to where you left off but if you are going away for say 2-3 months or longer than you should consider selling your blog. The reason is that 2-3 months is a long enough period of time for readers to find a replacement and for your rankings to drop enough to be harder to recoup. Its a stage where you can “consider” selling.

3. Time Constraints - Most of us that blog are not full-time bloggers and that means that we have other jobs or attend school or college full time. Specially for someone like me who is at school 10 hours a day, it gets hard for me to blog. When it feels as though you are completely crunched for time you can consider selling your blog. Its a good idea NOT to post something just for the sake of posting something. Post only if you have something useful to say. If your posts start deteriorating just because you don’t have time, I refer to that stage as Blog Suicide. The name is fitting because instead of helping the blog continue by selling it and finding someone who can dedicate time, you eventually kill off the readership by blogging unnecessarily.

So hopefully this post was interesting. I like to focus on 3-5 points now instead of longer lists with the hope that the focus is more meaningful. Let me know your thoughts about when you think you’d sell your blog