Sometimes I receive comments that say things like, “How did you come up with this” or others of that sort and I figured I’d do a post about it. Its not too uncommon to be sitting there and wondering what to blog about but its much easier when its a topic that comes to you when you’re not focusing on it. So, lets talk about some of the ways you can derive your blog post ideas.

1. Reading Other Blogs - This is one of the ways that I am influenced when it comes to writing my posts. I see what someone else has said and I think about whether I agree or disagree and if I think that I can add to it or explain it further then I find it a good post. If you read a post and you feel the need to respond strongly, then it can most probably be an influence for a blog post as long as the subject matter is interesting.

2. News – Sometimes news stories come around from Tech websites or the main page of Yahoo or MSN that really catch my eye. If the article pertains to the topic of my blog then I definitely use it to derive my blog post from. It helps me talk about a current issue topic and therefore it also displays in the searches better. Its a good way to discuss something that is more current and one that you can relate to your readers with.

3. Comments On Your Blog / Other Blogs - I’d say about 30-50% of my posts are derived from comments I see on my blog and other blogs out there. Some comments really turn the light bulb on, in my head. Its about how you view the comment too. See what the commentator is really trying to say and go from there. It will help you not only shed some light on them but allow you to help explain their concern which may be the concern of many others too.

4. Curiosity – I think curiosity plays a big part in some of my posts. If I see a new blog or a blog post I usually read up on the blogger and try to look into the details of the author of the post as well as the blog. Sometimes my curiosity has led to me discovering some interesting facts that I was able to compile into a post. Its not necessarily bad or sneaky things but it can be and those are the ones that usually make for good link bait posts resulting in increased traffic.

5. Experience & Time – This sounds like the weakest but this is the only one thing on here that will take time for you to develop if you’re a new blogger. Over time you naturally become used to the blogging schedule and know what sounds interesting and what isn’t. It also makes it easier for you to come up with post ideas as you have more background knowledge and can help showcase other blogs, plugins, tutorials or things of that sort.

So I hope you liked my post. I’d like to know where you get your ideas from. I’d really like to hear from all of you!