So it seems as though a lot of the buzz created by hiking up Technorati and Alexa rankings has disappeared lately. I remember when I started blogging over a year ago most of the reasons why the Google PageRank was not granted to everyone was because of their involvement in link chains to increase their PR and their Technorati rankings. I wonder what has happened. I also read a report that blogs are selling for less compared to their average a year ago and that may not be good news to some bloggers.

John Chow, the super blogger as he is referred to by me, is still around and pulling in over $350,000 a year but surprisingly enough the trend seems to have changed quite a bit. Most of the blogs would be based around blogging and making money online but lately have started to sway towards the daily happenings in a bloggers life. Its interesting to see what has happened with some of the bloggers in the blogosphere over such a short period of time.

I know that my Technorati and Alexa have dropped through the ground and at first I was really worried in getting it back up quickly but, like reputation, those things take time and I am sure that sooner or later everything will return back to normal. Have you guys noticed a trend lately or is it because I have been out of blogging for a month or two now? Keep me posted!