Well guys, Sorry for not posting. I’ve actually had 2 problems hovering over my head and my hiatus will end tomorrow, I promise. Its been a rough time for me and there are 2 reasons that can explain it and hopefully you can understand and maybe even relate to a certain extent.

First off, Its exam season and isn’t it lovely just spending the weekend, just you and your 1200 page books? Its a great feeling. (Sarcasm was meant to be intended).

Secondly, I’ve not really been too well. I mean the combination of not as good nutrition (not eating as much), sleeping 3-4 hours a night and cramming your brain with loads of information means that I have a headache that no number of motrin or tylenol can fix. Its no normal headache either, its the one that comes with free involuntary sleep (where you sleep and you dont even know it), throwing up (the projectile of which can give physics professors a run for their money) and the lack of attention (which means that whatever someone just told me is already lost in the air).

All this added together means that well, I’ve just been laying in bed studying and haven’t gotten up to use my computer as much but fear not Enkay-ians ( huh?) but I shall soon return from my hiatus which ends tomorrow once my exams are over and the tylenol can kick in and I can serve you once again as king of this blog. In the mean time, how are you guys doing?