After a year of being so abrupt in my blog postings, I can finally say that I have completed my education entirely – including the CPA exam. I took the last part a few weeks ago and the results are out in a week but I feel pretty good about it. Basically, after months and months of studying (since last August), I have finally come up with the time to do the things I normally did – go to the gym, YouTube videos and now the blog.

The reason for the title of this post is only because I really really want to continue the blog but I fear that the following has somewhat disappeared. I haven’t been to involved in the MMO field and now that I have the time I can really do just that but I am not sure if its a good idea to stop the blog and create a new one or continue with the current blog.

I really enjoyed talking about new possibilities, blog concepts, WordPress plug-ins and so forth and I’d like to continue doing that but I also want to be sure that the blog can sustain itself with a following that I had at a point. Let me know your thoughts and I will definitely think about this myself. It may be better to make the url more memorable but who knows, maybe it is fine the way it is! Let me know and I’ll be putting out more posts in the time being! Thanks guys!