So, I have an Advertise page on the blog and its not unusual to see these pages on most of your favorite blogs out there but then again there are many of them that dont have pages or those who have them don’t have the right information displayed. There are a few things you need to know about an “Advertise” page:

1) Information – There are certain bits and pieces of information that you need on there such as Page Rank, Technorati, Page Views, etc. I’ll be providing a small example below. This is information for a potential advertiser to determine whether the price is justified by the rankings and statistics.

2) Update It - There are many Advertise pages that I see that are not updated since they were created. Thats not a good sign. You should always update your Advertise page atleast once on a monthly basis and include the date that it was last modified. It helps keep your statistics and information current so that interested advertisers won’t walk away at the sight of old satistics.

3) Provide Options – There is more than one form of advertising. Most bloggers will provide the option of a 125×125 ad, a full site review, peel away ad, etc. Make sure you have enough options so that an advertiser has several options. Locking it down to one or two forms of advertising is usually not a good idea so keep your options open.

Now that we’ve gone through that, lets take a look at some of the ABC’s (literally) of the type of information that you should have on your Advertise page:

A. RSS Readership: This is probably very important and should always be included on there

B. Page Rank: I would have said in my past posts that Page Rank was a good thing to include and it still is, however because of the inaccuracy in some cases, it may be a good idea to do away with it if you feel like it’s not relevant.

C. Technorati & Alexa: Its not as important as some of the others that are listed here but having them on there can be a good idea if your rankings are somewhat average.

D. Page Views/Unique Hits: It gives the advertiser an idea as to how much traffic they can expect from the ad that they are purchasing

E. Example: It may be a good idea to include examples of the sizes of ads available such as 125×125 as there may be some advertisers that may not know what the actual size is. Also, for reviews it would be advisable to include a review or two.

F. Prices: Probably the most important aspect is prices. Be sure to include your prices so that you don’t scare away advertisers by asking them to email you for prices. Your prices are supposed to make advertisers want to contact you, not force them to contact you.

So hopefully that was an informative post and I hope you enjoyed it. I am currently in the process of updating my own Advertise page so I figured this would be a good topic for discussion. If you have any more suggestion’s I’d love to hear it. I wonder how many of you have or don’t have advertising pages. If you have an advertising page then please link to it in the comments as I would like to have a look at it. Have a great weekend!