Why do you blog? This is a question that if you can’t answer or can’t answer well enough, then you may have to rethink your reason for blogging. You have to know your motive for blogging otherwise there won’t be any motivation to keep you going. Its sort of like trying to accomplish something in life, if you don’t have a goal then you will have very little motivation to try and accomplish that task. Some people ask me, “So, you do this for fun or is there a reason behind it?”. Considering that I am inspired by JohnChow I have a few reasons for blogging: To Make Money Online, To Share and Spread Knowledge and Networking.

Making Money Online Can be a little more difficult than you think. I have been working on my blog since May 15th and Google Adsense and Kontera weren’t activated till about the 25th of that month. As for ReviewMe and Text Link Ads, those didn’t go into effect until last month. Keeping that in mind, my blog has made over $300 so far and I would consider that decent. You have to realize that you need to contribute a lot of time to your blog. During the first month you have to get accustomed to taking care of your blog, in the sense that you need to set it up, get out all the kinks and start spreading the word. If you disregard it, it won’t grow and you won’t make any money at all.

It takes time for you to start seeing a larger flow of money from your blog. Okay, so how did the happy cows at JohnCow make all this possible in a short amount of time? Well, the Cows just had everything going in their favor. They gained a lot of buzz by advertising their site for sale, then they had contests, adwords campaigns and lastly, their ordeal regarding a lawsuit. Also, you have to offer something different on your blog and the fact that they were the funnier version of JohnChow really helped them make around $1000 their first month! Compared to JohnChow, this is 3 times what he made in his first month. Looking at the blogs around you, you will notice that there are thousands of blogs out there to make money and it all boils down to what you have to offer. If you aren’t unique then you’re just one of the many invisible blogs out there.

To Share & Spread Knowledge is probably one of the most effective ways to gain readership. Like I said earlier, if you don’t have anything to offer your readers, then you are pretty much blogging for no reason. Content is King as many have said before and if you know how to utilize your content as your strength then you have it made. You have to know that people like information that is :

1. Easy To Understand – information can be given out in any form but until it isn’t easy to understand, your readers won’t gain much out of it. This isn’t time for you to show how advanced your language skills are, but a time for when you can use simplicity to share tips and hints with a lot of people that can help them in the long run.

2. Applicable To Them – being targeted towards your niche is one thing but you have to know who your readers are. Knowing them and catering to their needs will help in bringing them back for more. Your content has to be applicable to them because if your readers want to hear about blogging and you are talking about the different types of fish you can buy, then you will loose traffic for that day. I too have the occasional offbeat post but they are usually small snippets or interesting articles that may tickle your fancy and before posting anything aside from my main topics, I always think whether or not this will interest my readers or not. Being considerate towards what will interest your readers and what won’t will help you gain their readership.

3. Easy To Implement – providing information that can be easy to implement will encourage them to put your tips and hints into effect. Think about it, if you have the choice to pick from two things, one which is easy to use and the other which is complicated, which one will you pick? Naturally, if something is easy to implement then you will will be more inclined to trying it out. Sometimes, I have tips on how you can make your blog better and I always re-read my posts and evaluate how difficult or easy it can be to implement my tips. For example, the plug-ins that I usually mention are also tried and tested by me to make sure that they won’t be a hassle to implement. So making sure that your hints are easy to implement is also a key to success.

Networking – is something that comes about as a result of blogging. As you blog, you will end up networking with other bloggers and your readers and that will help you build a stronger base for your blog. You can interact with other bloggers and ask them for advice and share tips with each other and you can interact with your readers and find out what they want from your blog. This will help you build a stronger blog and help keep your visitors coming back. Networking with other bloggers is also helpful in spreading the word. If you have seen those famous link chains, then you wonder, “How Can I Be On That Chain?” and the answer lies in networking. If you know the blogger starting the chain then you have a better chance of being on the original list in the link chain. I have talked extensively about the importance of networking and so I will link to those articles in hopes of better enlightening you about networking. Here are my most popular ones called, Top Blog Essentials and How Linking With Other Bloggers Can Help.

In the end, I hope you have gained something from this post and I would love to hear your feedback. Remember, that if you have any questions, dont be afraid to email me and if you liked the post consider subscribing to my RSS feed. In the end, I have to wonder, Do you know why you blog?

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