I had asked my readers to ask me any question they wanted yesterday and so far I’ve received two questions and I’ll be answering the first of those questions today. Remember that if you want to ask me a question, all you have to do is leave me a comment and Ill link to you and answer the question.

Today’s question was asked by Melvin from MelvinBlog and if you haven’t checked out his blog, then you definitely should. Hes got great content and he’s got a very impressive theme design that I really like.

Melvin asked, “Why are you using in-text advertising here?

He mentioned that they offer poor payouts and aren’t user friendly. Now, I can’t disagree with the user friendliness as they are a bit more noticeable than conventional Google Adsense blocks but if you’ve noticed, recently you may not have come across many Google Adsense blocks on my website.

I have actually gone through and removed the Google Adsense blocks that were located at the bottom of my post pages a few months ago and replaced it with Adbrite and now have completely removed that ad. The idea is that I have been on an ad reducing spree and even the Ad blocks that you’d see at the beginning of my post has slowly been reduced to just a few posts a month.

The point I’m trying to make is that the only reason I’ve stuck with in-text advertising is that as I have removed ads and reduced the frequency of others, its the only ad form that is displayed in my posts. The sidebar ads are common with any kind of blog and even still I dont have skyscraper ads or anything of that sort. Thats the only reason that I’ve kept in-text advertising because it doesn’t take up a lot of room and doesn’t look that bad, in my opinion atleast.

Poor Payouts For In-Text Advertising?
Melvin also mentioned poor payouts however, just a little secret, I made more last month with In-Text Advertising than I did with Adsense. It might come as a surprise but InfoLinks has definitely multiplied by payouts with Kontera by more than 10 times. In-Text Advertising does not pay as much as other forms of advertising but its pretty much the only form of advertising I have on the website aside from the peel away ad and the sidebar ads but those are still more conventional advertising forms that are quite common.

All in all, I think Melvin asked a fantastic question. I actually had a comment in one of my posts about in-text advertising and I was finally able to answer it. So I have to agree that its not as user friendly and for some it can offer low payouts depending on what advertising website you use but it seems to work fine for me considering I dont have that many ads in my posts.

If I had Adsense blocks or I had one of those Widget Buck ad blocks then in-text advertising may not be something I’d want but since there aren’t very many alternatives, I decided to stick with in-text advertising for now. Thank you for your question and if you’d like to ask me a question, I’d be more than happy to answer it!