So yesterday I talked about the Personalized USB Drives and that made me think about companies that send out promotional items. All of us have received something or the other, whether its a t-shirt, a pen, notepads, or even ping pong balls from Clickbooth. The big question that comes in now is, is the investment really worth it? Well, I don’t know and maybe Market Leverage and Clickbooth can chime in and give us an idea, but I’m sure it does. Lets take a few reasons why promotional items are a good idea:

1) Easy Way To Get The Word Out – Promotional items such as pens and t-shirts are a very convenient way of getting the word out. They are usually items that most individuals would use on a daily basis such as pens, notepads, usb drives or they are things that can be worn such as an hat, watch, t-shirt. When people use these items, they don’t even realize that they are advertising for someone else because to them, its probably just a comfortable shirt or they like wearing it. The idea of getting something for free, is very appealing to everyone and that plays a big role for the promotional goodies as well.

2) Cost Effective – Most of the goodies that are sent our way probably don’t cost a whole lot. Now, don’t get me wrong, a lot of things that I have received have been on the more expensive side such as the Nike Bag and Polo shirt sent over by the good folks over at Market Leverage but for the most part, they are pretty cheap when compared to paying for advertising. All that means is that instead of spending $15 or $20 a month for a small 125×125 ad, the companies rather divert their money into putting together a swag bag of goodies that their customers can wear and show off!

3) Word Of Mouth Travels Fast – I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked about my ShoeMoney shirt or my Market Leverage branded Flip Mino or the orange Clickbooth clock. When people see something interesting, unique or different, they tend to inquire about it. This usually leads in me telling them which company sent it over to me. People find it interesting and their curiosity leads to them asking others how they can get the same goodies. This person usually converts into a customer for the company that sent out the merchandise in the first place and the cycle continues on. Its a pretty good method of advertising, isnt it?

Sorry guys, I think I did the time stamping wrong so this post didn’t get posted in time but I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts and feedback regarding the post. How is your long weekend so far? Any big plans?