Recently WiiGameCheats.com requested me to do a review of their website through ReviewMe. Although Wii Game Cheats doesn’t have much to do with the content of this website it is technology related and its one of the first Wii Cheat Websites that I have actually come across. The website is in a blog format and has a few different sections – Cheats, Videos and Guides. This is a little interesting because some of the other Cheat websites that I have come across in the past don’t really offer videos. Secondly what was really appealing to me was the fact that unlike most cheat websites, WiiGameCheats had no popup ads, although there are a few ads on the website – but hey, everyone needs a little advertising – but don’t get me wrong, the ads don’t interfere with the content in any way. Just like my blog, WiiGameCheats runs WordPress and I was liked the theme used and the layout of the content. The post descriptions are well written and the posts itself are easy to read and follow along.
Overall, WiiGameCheats is a comprehensive source of some of the latest Wii Games and offers everything from cheats to walk through guides and even videos. If you haven’t used cheats before then it’s still not a problem because the layout is simple and easy to navigate so you won’t feel lost. I recommend this website for anyone that needs Wii Game Cheats. The only suggestion I would make is that, content seems a little scarce right now but not to worry, as time passes on more things will get added, I’m sure. So do check it out and show it some support!