The finish line is never too far away when you think like a winner. Thinking like a winner is more of how you view things rather than how things are. Basically, its a positive outlook on everything you encounter in life.

Being a winner is more than just thinking about things positively but also doing the best you can in everything you do. Like the last post, I’ll list a few things I believe are important to being a winner:

1) Being Able to Lead
– Every person who is a leader is automatically a winner in the eyes of those who follow him/her. When you are able to be a good leader and are able to have others around you inspired to follow you, you automatically are a winner because you have others around you, who believe in your talent, knowledge and skills to lead.

2) Ability to Inspire Yourself- A winner is a person who is not only able to inspire those around him/her but also themselves. You can inspire yourself by reminding yourself of your accomplishments. You can inspire yourself by believing in yourself and your abilities and talents. You need to believe in you because others can do so.

3) Control Your Destiny – True winners know that they control their destiny and that they can do the things they need to do in order to ensure that their future goals are met. True winners know that their future is a result of their efforts and hardships in the past and they work towards making sure that their dreams come true.

4) Dream Big / Be Realistic – Anyone can dream big and imagine the best of everything in their future but if they aren’t realistic or if they don’t put forth the effort to fulfill their dreams then whats the point? I mean, true winners are able to dream big, and keep their dreams realistic and work towards their goal.

5) Prove Your Point – Along your journey to success, there will always be people who will try to knock you down or tell you something is not possible. I have dealt with that through the various stages of my life and basically, a true winner knows his abilities and knows that he/she can prove their point and prove to the others who didn’t believe in them, that they are capable of anything.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to be a winner. I wish that everything were as easy as I make it sound but I realize that its not. It all takes time and effort and ofcourse an ability for you to accept change. Once you are able to accept change and move on, you’ll be on your way to success! Let me know your thoughts on these criteria for success. I just picked 5 that I feel strongly about, if you have any others, please do share!