Have you wondered what it takes to writing a blog post? I mean, aside from you know, the very easy parts such as coming up with an idea, actually writing an interesting post and catching the readers attention…….wait….wait a second.. those aren’t the easy parts. Well, I guess I made a mistake. Those definitely arent the easy parts, so what is it that involves writing a blog post? I’ll show you. Lets take some baby steps:

1) Coming up with an idea – This is probably the hardest part, atleast for me. Usually when I get back home from school, I think about a few ideas on the drive home but that doesn’t mean that all of them make it onto the blog. I usually have about 2-3 ideas out of which usually one makes it because I think about a few things:
(a) Is the idea unique?
(b) Is it similar to something I’ve done before?
(c) Will my readers enjoy reading this?

2) Writing The Post - After the idea is decided on, I usually spend an hour on the post but this could take a lot longer if I decide to look up and create images but usually I’ve stopped doing that to help my load time unless its a review or something that requires an image. Writing the post is usually based completely on what I think and this is why it seems so informal when I write the post, because its meant to be that way. Write the post based on your thoughts and your best opinion so that it comes off natural and this can be hard to do.

3) Catching the Readers Attention - This can be one of the hardest parts but the way to get around it is by thinking about the readers during the previous two steps. For example, if you come up with a title, think whether the reader will want to read it after seeing the title. Once youre writing the post, question whether you think the reader would want to read all that blabber or just move on somewhere else. Keep it concise, to the point and interesting and your readers will be hooked.

Now that you’ve done the previous steps, its all about how you promote yourself to keep readers coming to your blog and I’ll be talking about some of those ways sometime soon but in the mean time I have some things I wanted to mention.

I Want To Follow You On Twitter
Yes, thats true. All you have to do (to make this simple) is follow me on Twitter and I’ll return the favor and follow you. I like reading the updates and I’ll try to integrate my twitter followers into a post every once in a while so do consider that if you have twitter.

Updating the Top 100 List
During the next week, I’ll be updating the Top 100 Female Bloggers list which means that I’ll have to do about 30 to 40 rankings a day considering it is all done by hand but this is a last minute reminder to anyone who would like to nominate a female blogger of their choice. Just send me an email and let me know, its that simple!