Apple TV - Youtube

At D5 (or the fifth edition of D:All Things Digital), Steve Jobs revealed that around mid-june Apple TV will be adding a new menu item, namely You Tube. With the deal going through, Apple TV users will now be able to select Youtube from the menu and be able to watch thousands of Youtube videos instantly. Ideally, Apple TV would connect to a television that would allow them to watch content that was purchased or downloaded from the internet with the use of a Mac or PC but with the addition of Youtube, this will allow functionality of the system to improve dramatically. Usually the content that was being watched on Apple TV used to be tv shows or movies that were purchased from Apple’s Itunes store, but not anymore! Apple has created a plugin for the Apple TV product called “A Series of Tubes” which will allow the playing of Youtube Videos on the device. Apple has also designed a “hook” into Youtube that will allow Apple TV customers to view videos that have been converted into the h.264 standard. As the conversion process progresses on Youtube to get more and more videos standardized to the h.264, the process is said to be complete later this year. This news comes along with further news that Apple is going to release a 160GB version of Apple TV that will be available this Thursday. The current version sports a 40GB Hard Drive and costs $299 whereas the new 160GB version will only cost a $100 more, a total of $399. At an impressive price and a good alliance in place, Apple should see quite a stir resulting from such news.