Here is an interesting video I found on Youtube. I did a little reading since the video is originally from Reuters and found a Reuters website with the following information.

This year an international team of 90 builders from 13 countries came up with the domino extravaganza to break the world record of 4,002,146 dominoes in Leeuwarden in The Netherlands.

Eighties pop star Kim Wilde pushed the first domino that started the chain reaction.

Hundreds of colourful figures, pictures, and even a “domino city” fell in the attempt. While some didn’t quite go down as planned, the crowd was ecstatic as the final dominoes tumbled to create a new world record of 4,079,381

Pretty interesting stuff, although I have to point out that this was done by a team of 90 builders. So if youre wondering who holds the solo record, you might be surprised to find that a woman by the name of Ma Lihua stacked up 303,628 dominos to create the solo world record. Apparently, she had problems with insects that toppled around 10,000 of her dominos but she still did it. BBC has the full story.

Hope you enjoyed that fascinating video, more updates coming soon!