Zune Fever
Zune Box

After the Zune’s long ride from Los Angeles to Texas, it is finally here. If you recall, I won the 30GB Zune from Ms. Danielle about 10 days ago and since then the excitement of having it in my hands was rising on a daily basis. The batteries for my digital camera are currently charging so that I can provide some really good pictures compared to the not so good ones from my cell phone. Either way, it arrived in its original box and inside was of course this magical little device that was pre-loaded with quite a large selection of songs which I believe Michael Kwan uploaded during his moment with the Zune. Anyway, I turned it on and it has surprised me since then. I don’t think I’ve put it down since it arrived and the best part about it is, that I am holding it in my hand as I’m typing. Anyway, I promise some really good pictures and a review that I will do myself. I don’t know if it will be able to match up to Michael Kwan’s review, but I do hope to give some insight into this device.
As you know, I have decided to keep this little device and in its place I am giving away a 1GB Video Player of my own. If you haven’t heard about the contest, do consider entering because its really simple and you can actually increase your chances at winning through 2 additional entry methods that you can see here.

Fired up about FedEx
Ms. Danielle sent me the player through FedEx which is probably the best option to send a package through and I was planning on using FedEx myself for shipping out the player in my contest but today I had somewhat of a bad experience. First of all, its Texas, so we had heavy thunderstorms and rainstorms throughout the Houston area and it was pouring all morning. I was a little worried that the FedEx guy would dump the package in the rain and leave so I decided to stay home to catch him when he arrives. Usually, FedEx or UPS comes to my neighborhood by 11am and thats merely based on past experience. Anyway, the day went on and it was now 5pm so I decided to see the tracking page of the package online and it said

“4:50 pm : Delivered – Left at front door.”

I thought that was weird because nobody knocked or even rang the doorbell so I went outside to look for the package and it wasn’t there! I checked the mailbox and it was empty too. I decided to call FedEx and by this time it was around 5:10 and thats about 20 minutes after the time that it said the package was delivered. They said that in their system it shows that the package was delivered. I informed the lady that it wasn’t there and she said she will contact the driver. I waited on the line and about 15 minutes later the FedEx driver showed up at my house with the package and chunked it into my glass front door and never bothered to ring the door bell. I didn’t see him drive up to the house but I surely did hear the Zune hit the door! So I called up Customer Service and informed them about the driver’s behavior and she took down my number and said someone would get in touch with me.
So far, I haven’t received a call back from FedEx but I was a little disappointed in how the driver handled the package. I have dealt with UPS before and I have even had some UPS drivers willing enough to help put large boxes inside the house. Anyway, that was my short little Fed-Ex-perience! All in all, I am just happy that the Zune wasn’t damaged and neither was the front door!

Well, I hope you guys are looking forward to my unveiling of the Zune since it was last seen and an all out review! Stay tuned!